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    The Dallas Semiconductor DS1302 Trickle Charge
    Time Keeping Chip is a programmable 3–wire serial
    interface clock with a trickle charge circuit for using both
    rechargeable and non–rechargeable backup supplies.
    The real time clock/calendar provides seconds, minutes,
    hours, day, date, month, year information. The
    end of the month date is automatically adjusted for
    months with less than 31 days, including corrections for
    leap year. The clock operates in either the 24–hour or
    12–hour format with an AM/PM indicator. The DS1302
    also provides 31 bytes of nonvolatile SRAM for data
    storage. Interfacing the DS1302 with a microprocessor
    is simplified by using a synchronous serial communication.
    Only three wires are required to communicate with
    the clock/RAM: (1) RST (Reset), (2) I/O (Data Line), and
    (3) SCLK (Serial Clock). Data can be transferred to and
    from the clock/RAM one byte at a time or in a burst of up
    to 31 bytes. The DS1302 is designed to operate on very
    low power and retain data and clock information on less
    than 1 microwatt. The DS1302 is designed to be completely
    compatible with designs that are currently using
    the DS1202. This compatibility allows the DS1302 to be
    dropped directly into a DS1202 socket. Then the
    optional trickle charge circuit on the DS1302 can be
    used to backup the system time and data with a super
    cap or a rechargeable battery.




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