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    The most recent advances in silicon micromachining
    technology have given rise to a variety of low–cost pressure
    sensor applications and solutions. Certain applications had
    previously been hindered by the high–cost, large size, and
    overall reliability limitations of electromechanical pressure
    sensing devices. Furthermore, the integration of on–chip
    temperature compensation and calibration has allowed a
    significant improvement in the accuracy and temperature
    stability of the sensor output signal. This technology allows for
    the development of both analog and microcomputer–based
    systems that can accurately resolve the small pressure
    changes encountered in many applications. One particular
    application of interest is the combination of a silicon pressure
    sensor and a microcontroller interface in the design of a digital
    barometer. The focus of the following documentation is to
    present a low–cost, simple approach to designing a digital
    barometer system.


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