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    集成电路的数字数据传输--Integrated Circui

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    集成电路的数字数据传输--Integrated Circuits for Digital Data Transmission

    It is frequently necessary to transmit digital data in a
    high-noise environment where ordinary integrated logic circuits
    cannot be used because they do not have sufficient
    noise immunity. One soluTIon to this problem, of course, is to
    use high-noise-immunity logic. In many cases, this approach
    would require worst case logic swings of 30V, requiring high
    power-supply voltages. Further, considerable power would
    be needed to transmit these voltage levels at high speed.
    This is especially true if the lines must be terminated to eliminate
    reflecTIons, since pracTIcal transmission lines have a
    low characterisTIc impedance.
    A much better solution is to convert the ground referred digital
    data at the transmission end into a differential signal and
    transmit this down a balanced, twisted-pair line. At the receiving
    end, any induced noise, or voltage due to
    ground-loop currents, appears equally on both ends of the
    twisted-pair line. Hence, a receiver which responds only to
    the differential signal from the line will reject the undesired
    signals even with moderate voltage swings from the transmitter.


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