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    上传日期: 2009-05-16

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    Frequency synthesizers are used in a large number of TIme
    division mulTIplexed (TDMA) and frequency hopping wireless
    applicaTIons where quickly attaining frequency lock is
    criTIcal. A new frequency synthesizer is described which employs
    a scheme for reducing lock time by a factor of two
    using a conventional phase locked loop architecture. Faster
    lock is attained by shifting the loop filter's zero and pole
    corner frequencies while maintaining the PLL's gain/phase
    margin characteristics.
    RF system designers of TDMA based cellular systems, such
    as PHS, GSM and IS-54, need local oscillator (L.O.) or frequency
    synthesizer blocks capable of tuning to a new channel
    within a small fraction of each time slot. The suppression
    of reference spurs and phase noise is also critical for
    these modern digital standards. Base station and data
    transmission applications are now striving to utilize all the
    time slots available in each frame using a single synthesizer.
    This push towards a ``zero blind slot'' solution has put stringent
    demands upon the radio frontend's L.O. section.
    The communication systems channel spacing determines
    the upper bound for the synthesizer's frequency resolution
    and loop filter bandwidth. More closely spaced channels
    dictate that the synthesizer's frequency resolution be finer,
    which in turn means the loop makes frequency corrections
    less often. A wider loop filter bandwidth would make it easier
    to attain lock within a given time constraint, but the price
    paid is less attenuation of the reference frequency sidebands
    and a higher integrated phase noise for the locked
    condition. An examination of the equations which govern
    the responsiveness of a closed loop system will provide
    some solutions to this dilemma.


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