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    LM1876 Overture™ Audio Power Amplifier Series
    Dual 20W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute and Standby
    General DescripTIon
    The LM1876 is a stereo audio amplifier capable of delivering
    typically 20W per channel of conTInuous average output
    power into a 4Ω or 8Ω load with less than 0.1% THD+N.
    Each amplifier has an independent smooth transiTIon fadein/
    out mute and a power conserving standby mode which
    can be controlled by external logic.
    The performance of the LM1876, uTIlizing its Self Peak Instantaneous
    Temperature (°Ke) (SPiKe™) protection circuitry,
    places it in a class above discrete and hybrid amplifiers
    by providing an inherently, dynamically protected Safe
    Operating Area (SOA). SPiKe protection means that these
    parts are safeguarded at the output against overvoltage,
    undervoltage, overloads, including thermal runaway and instantaneous
    temperature peaks.


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