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    The effects of vias on PCB tra

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    上传日期: 2009-05-16

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    The effects of vias on PCB traces:Through the years we have worked with many
    engineers who have had strong feelings about
    the presence of vias on criTIcal traces (such as
    fast rise TIme clock lines). These feelings have
    ranged from (a) the effects of vias are so
    negligible that they may be used freely, to (b)
    their effects are so significant that vias may not
    be used at all. Depending on your view, these
    two extremes place quite different constraints
    on PCB designs!
    It is clear from the history of all the boards that
    have ever been designed in the past that vias
    have little impact at lower frequencies and rise
    TImes. It is only recently, as device rise TImes
    and timing issues caused by faster clock
    speeds have become critical PCB design
    issues, that the concern over a via's effect on
    PCB "transmission lines" has become a topic of discussion.


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