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    WISMO Quik Q3100 series

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    上传日期: 2009-05-15

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    WISMO Quik Q3100 series
    WISMO Quik Q3106
    Customer Design Guidelines

    WISMO Quik Q3106 module is a self-contained E-GSM/GPRS 900/1800 dual
    band module designed to meet various types of applications. The module is
    available in several memory sizes (FLASH and RAM) and includes the following
    main features:
    • 32 x 44 x 3 mm,
    • 2 Watts E-GSM 900 radio section running under 3.6 Volts,
    • 1 Watt DCS 1800 radio section running under 3.6 Volts,
    • Digital section running under 2.8 Volts,
    • 1.8 V / 3 V SIM card interface,
    • Real Time Clock with calendar,
    • Battery charge management,
    • Echo Cancellation + noise reduction,
    • Full GSM or GSM/GPRS software stack,
    • Hardware GPRS class 10 capable,
    • Complete shielding,
    • Complete interfacing through a 100-pin connector:
    o Power supply,
    o Serial links (UART1, UART2, SPI1, SPI2 and 2-wire bus),
    o Audio (main audio interface + auxiliary audio interface),
    o Keyboard,
    o SIM card,
    o Buzzer and vibrator,
    o A 16-bit parallel bus allowing various device selection (an example
    of application is given in paragraph 2.2.3).
    • Several GPIOs are available to drive customer I/O applications:
    o Up to 8 Inputs/Outputs,
    o Up to 3 Outputs,
    o Up to 1 Input.
    Note: due to signal multiplexing, the number of available I/O depends on
    the functions used on the module.
    WISMO Quik Q3106 module has just one external connection: General Purpose
    Connector (GPC) to Digital, Keyboard, Audio, Supply, and 50 Ω adapted RF connection.


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