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Core value of Fuxin Iron and Steel:
Integrity - Sincerity, that is, honesty, no deception and honest to heart internally. Faith, that is, keep promise and faith, do what one says, trust others and adhere to it although suffering from frustration and paying a price.
Integrity is a kind of responsibility, criterion and resource.
Quality - Quality is a kind of pursuit for keeping improving, which must meet the demands of customer and be higher than the degree of satisfaction to competitor.
Quality is achieved through design, and it is a system engineering which is concerned by the whole staff and intertwined with each other.
Continuously enhancing product quality is not only our value, but also more our dignity.
Team - There is no success of individual without success of a team.
Mutual trust and open communication, integrate the individual into the team and consider joint vision to be the highest objective.
Respect the value of each staff. We believe that it is our responsibility and pride to achieve joint growth of staff and the company.
Principle of Fuxin Iron and Steel:
People oriented, quality first, reputation first and customer focus

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