Wuhu Fuxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

1525771851991968.jpgWuhu Fuxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise restructured from original state-owned Fanxin Iron and Steel Factory and established in 2003 according to Company Law. Meanwhile, it obtained Production License for Industrial Products, and passed GB/T19001-2008 quality, GB/T24001-2004 environment, GB/28001-2011 occupational safety management system certification, measurement management system certification, energy management system certification, metallurgical commodity (MC) certificate and provincial major energy utilization enterprise General Rule for Accouterment and Management of Energy Metering Instrument of Energy Utilization Unit and other benchmarking acceptances. And it has been continuously awarded with honorary title of “top 50 enterprises among Anhui Top 100 enterprises, “Anhui Level A credit taxpaying unit”, “Anhui Province Energy Saving Advanced Unit”, ”China top 500 private manufactures”, ”Anhui Province Famous Trademark” and other honorary titles, and it is Anhui “861” plan project. It passed Conformity with Specifications of Iron and Steel Industry of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and publicity was conducted in 2014.

Now, the company is located at Xingang Town, Fanchang County at southern bank of the Yangtze river. And its geographic position is along Yangtze river, Golden Watercourse (Industrial Park, Xingang Town), which is only 25 kilometers away from Fanchang County, Wuqing (yang), Wutong (ling) Road and Fanchang Railway Freight Station and 39 kilometers away from Wuhu City. The company has ten thousand tons level of berth wharf and extends land and water communication in all directions. There are abundant iron ore resources in Fanchang County, which provides advantaged geographical conditions for development of iron and steel enterprise.

Through continuous innovation and development over decades, the company synchronously plans, designs and constructs complete, advanced, energy-saving and cost-reducing and environmental iron and steel project according to the overall planning requirements for country, urban and rural construction and under the support and care of provincial, municipal departments and local government on the basis of eliminating all original outdated equipment, process and product. New product is applicable for the development demand of regional leading industry. The company constructs product system led by medium thickness of steel plate, low alloy steel, die steel, forged steel for vehicle, and high-strength rebar and smooth round bar steel with high-strength, and the related iron and steel industries develop jointly. It becomes middle-scale iron and steel combination enterprise integrating scientific research, production and development. At present, main product of the company is HRB400/400E and HRB500/500E ribbed bar for reinforced concrete and high-quality blanks.

The total investment for the project is RMB 3.8 billion, it covers an area of more than 1000mu. It has more than 3000 employees now, including 89 senior engineers and 343 full-time technicians. Overall equipment includes: A tower of 580 m3 and 880 m3 blast furnace separately, a set of 105m2 and 144m2 sintering machine separately, 2 towers of 80t converter, 80t refining furnace, 1 production line for continuous casting of moderate-thickness plate, 1 production line for type 550 and 660 rolling mill separately, a tower of 10000M3 and 16000 M3 oxygen generation station separately. Main engineering is provided with residual gas and heat generator set and energy conservation and environmental protection facilities for recovery and comprehensive utilization project of converter gas. All pollution control facilities are installed in place and operate normally, and they are installed with online monitoring system and networked with national environmental protection monitoring center. And their energy consumption and pollutant emission indicator meet energy saving and emission standard specified by the state. At present, it has formed the production capability of annual output of 2 million tons of high-quality and high-strength steel.

The company has created enormous economic and social benefits since it was put into operation. Our final objective is to become a “professional, fine, deep and strong” special fine steel production base, so as to achieve ecological, green and sustainable development of iron and steel industry and become a pillar enterprise in the development of local national economy.

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